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How do I know if my property is leasehold or freehold?

With a freehold, you own the property and the land it is built on. With a leasehold you own the property for a set term, but not the land, which is owned by a freeholder 

Most houses are freehold and nearly all flats are leasehold, but there are exceptions. 

When you bought your property, the title deeds – legal documents about the ownership of the property – that came with it show its status as freehold or leasehold. 

If you own a flat or a house which has a lease then it is likely that you own a leasehold property. 

Your purchasing solicitor should give you a copy of your lease or you may be able to get a copy of your lease from your mortgage lender. 

HM Land Registry keeps a record of registered properties which you could search to confirm the status of your home.


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