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What is a fire risk assessment and do I need one?

A fire risk assessment (FRA) reviews the dangers of a fire breaking out in your building and recommends ways to reduce risks and protect residents.  

Controlling fire risks is an important part of building management and the FRA is like the guide book for fire safety measures in your building. 

The assessment looks at: 

What does a fire risk assessment cover? 

A fire risk assessment covers the shared parts of a buildingsuch as common stairwells and entrance halls, external walls and front doors to flats that open on to common areas. Also, ‘general fire precautions’ to keep people safe. 

These should include measures to: 

The general fire precautions must protect: 

Does my building need an FRA? 

In England and Wales, all blocks of flats and large houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) must have an up-to-date FRA. 

The law says the assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’ for the building. 

More information you might find useful:

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