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How often should a building have a fire risk assessment?

The law does not give a specific time period for how often to undertake a fire risk assessment. It simply says that the person responsible for the assessment in your building must review it ‘regularly’ to make sure it’s up to date. 

The responsible person must review the fire risk assessment if: 

The assessment itself might also include a recommendation of how often it should be reviewed or updated.  

Reviewing an existing fire risk assessment can take less time and be done more frequently than carrying out a new one. 

Guidance on timings 

Guidance on fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats recommends that for low-rise blocks of up to 3 storeys above ground, built in the last 20 years, fire risk assessments should be: 

For blocks with higher risks for example, because of the age of the building or those more than 3 storeys high the guidance recommends that fire risk assessments should be: 

In extreme cases for the highest-risk buildingsthe guidance recommends doing a new fire risk assessment once a year.

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