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I own the front door to my flat and want to replace it. What do I do?

If you own the front door to your flat and you want to replace it, you should start by obtaining Building Regulations approval from the Building Control department at your Local Authority.  You are required to seek such approval from the local authority due to the safety implications of replacing a fire door.

Many leases will also require leaseholders to apply for written consent from their landlord before they can carry out any alterations. This would usually include any alterations to or replacement of the entrance door to the flat. If you need to get consent from your landlord, you should write to them and clearly explain the changes you plan to make.

It is important that the fire door you install is compliant with Building Regulations. If the alteration does not meet these standards your freeholder will require you to reinstate the door at your own expense to ensure it complies with Building Regulations and meets the requirements of the Fire Safety Order.

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