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How do I get a copy of my building’s fire risk assessment?

To get a copy of your building’s fire risk assessment you should contact the responsible person and ask them to send you a copy. The person who is responsible for carrying out the fire risk assessment in your building is usually the owner (freeholder), managing agent, or management company.

It is best practice for the freeholder or managing agent to provide an occupant of a building access to the fire risk assessment, on request.

What if the freeholder, management company or managing agent doesn’t give me a copy?

Unfortunately, there is nothing in law that requires the responsible person to provide residents with a copy of their building’s fire risk assessment.

Some industry bodies, such as the Association of Retirement Housing Managers, recommend that freeholders or building managers provide residents with a copy of the fire risk assessment if they ask for it. With this said, some freeholders or managing agents may ignore your request or refuse to send you a copy of the fire risk assessment.

It can be incredibly frustrating if you are unable to get a copy of the fire risk assessment, however if your freeholder uses a managing agent, there is an official complaints procedure you can follow.

First, you should complain to the individual agent directly. If that does not work you should make a formal complaint through the internal complaints procedure at the agent’s company.

If you are still unhappy, you can then complain directly to a redress scheme. All managing agents in England must be a member of one of two redress schemes:

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