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Government launches the Building Safety Fund Leaseholder and Resident Service

Updated: 4th April 2022

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities has today opened the new Building Safety Fund (BSF) Leaseholder and Resident Service.

The Service will:

Why has the government introduced this Service?

The applicant for the BSF, usually the building owner or managing agent, is responsible for keeping leaseholders and residents updated about the progress of their building’s BSF application. Rather than waiting for information from the applicant, leaseholders and residents will be able to access information directly.

How can the Service be accessed?

Leaseholders and residents can access the Service by inputting a ‘unique building code’ for their building.  All applicants have been sent information about the Service and their building code before its launch and they have been asked to share this with leaseholders and residents.

In addition, each private sector resident will be sent their building code directly via the post (20-24 Jan).

If you have not received your unique building code to access the Leaseholder and Resident Service, please contact your responsible entity who will be able to provide you with the code.

You can use the following MS Word letter template to contact your responsible entity. Please allow five working days for a response.  If, after this time, you have not received the code, please email at:

How often will the information on the Service be updated?

The information on the service is updated monthly with changes published on either the second or third week of every month (the next update date is published on the Service).

Does the Service include information on buildings with ACM cladding?

No. The Service currently only includes buildings that are part of the Building Safety Fund (BSF) which covers unsafe non-ACM cladded buildings.

The government is however considering options for providing information on ACM cladded buildings and will review feedback on the new Service to inform decisions.

In the meantime, leaseholders and residents of buildings with ACM cladding that are being remediated should contact their responsible entity (usually the building owner or managing agent) for updates on ACM projects.


Further information:


LEASE is governed by a board, appointed as individuals by the Secretary of State for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities.