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Why not just remove the cladding?

The Building Safety Fund (BSF) has been adapted to make sure it is risk-driven, proportionate and delivered more quickly.

For instance, all funding decisions for new applications now involve applicants providing an assessment of the risks posed by fire spread over external walls to identify what, if any work, is needed. This is called a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW) and is undertaken by competent professionals.

A FRAEW uses the new PAS 9980:2022 code of practice. This code, developed by the British Standards Institution and supported by government and industry, allows professionals to use their expert judgement to assess risk and appropriate mitigations.

The BSF now covers works directly related to the recommendations of a FRAEW, conducted on an eligible building with cladding. This could involve the removal and replacement of cladding (in whole or part) or mitigations such as the installation of sprinkler systems.

The above approach is intended to increase the overall pace of addressing life-safety fire risk defects, minimise disruption and inconvenience caused by works for those living in affected high-rise buildings, and simplify the process.

People’s safety remains paramount.

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