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My neighbours and visitors park in my allocated car parking space. What can I do?

If you own your car parking space under the terms of the lease, anyone else using it without your permission would likely be in breach of the terms of the lease.

As the lease is a contract between you and the landlord, it is usually the case that the landlord will have the power to enforce its terms and seek that whoever is in breach of the lease, comply with it.

Download a template for a nuisance letter – asking the landlord to take action

In some leases certain covenants may be mutually enforceable. This means that a leaseholder could take legal action directly against another leaseholder for breach of covenant.

The lease may allow the landlord or management company to make regulations to control the car park arrangements or engage a firm to regulate and enforce parking restrictions.

In the first instance it may be advisable to try to resolve the matter amicably perhaps through mediation.

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