Carol T owns a flat in London. There are management problems with work not getting done, and she was concerned by an increase in insurance premiums. Ms T emailed the managing agent twice to get details of the insurance, but her emails were not answered.

The LEASE adviser explained that an individual leaseholder can ask the landlord for a written summary of the policy or an opportunity to inspect and take copies of the policy. The request must be made in writing and the landlord must comply within 21 days. There is no evidence to suggest whether a request by email is ok or not, so the adviser suggested posting a letter just to be sure. In the meantime Ms T should pay the insurance bill, as she is not entitled to withhold payment. The bill can still be challenged at the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), as long as Ms T does not agree that it is payable – ie it is paid under protest.

Ms T said, “had it not been for this free service, we leaseholders would have to spend a lot of money on legal fees. Thank you for your help.”

LEASE is governed by a board, appointed as individuals by the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.