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Government’s action plan to accelerate remediation of private high-rise residential buildings with ACM cladding

2nd July 2019

In a written statement on 28th June, the Secretary of State for Communities, Rt. Hon James Brokenshire MP, announced a number of steps to progress swifter action by building owners to remove potentially unsafe cladding on private sector high-rise residential buildings.

Reference to leasehold was as follows:

“ (3) Following my recent roundtable with industry representatives, I have responded to their suggestions by inviting them to develop industry-led solutions to deliver remediation, exploring all options to protect leaseholders from additional costs. At a further meeting in July, I will expect industry to present their proposals with a view to agreeing next steps. I rule out no options if industry and individual building owners or developers do not come forward with their own solutions. In the meantime, I will continue to explore other routes for protecting leaseholders. These may include: supporting local authorities to take more targeted action to identify and remediate affected buildings and recovering costs from those responsible for ensuring the safety of buildings; and supporting leaseholder enfranchisement.

(4) My Department is writing to all relevant private sector building owners to remind of their responsibility to make their buildings safe. This includes; confirming to the relevant local authority whether they have ACM cladding systems if they have not yet done so; implementing any necessary interim safety measures and permanently remediating their buildings, reminding them that local authorities have powers to enforce these improvements if building owners do not take action; and setting out my expectation that they should explore all options to protect leaseholders from incurring the costs associated with replacing unsafe cladding.”

The other plans are:

The news follows the Government’s announcement that it will fully fund unsafe cladding removal in social housing.

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