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Service Charges Charter

10th December 2021

The Greater London Authority has released an updated version of the Service Charges Charter.

The new Service Charges Charter was developed through close collaboration between City Hall, leaseholders, and housing providers.

Like the previous version developed in 2017, the new Charter aims to increase satisfaction among leaseholders, particularly those in Shared Ownership properties, by improving transparency, affordability, design, and access to redress.

All housing providers receiving funding through the new Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 are expected to sign up to the new Charter. Partners will now be required to disclose to potential shared owners if they have signed up to the Service Charges Charter.

The key updates include additional detail on the principles of ensuring transparency on service charges, and a new section outlining expectations on challenge and redress.

The Charter seeks to standardise Housing Providers’ approach to service charges and is endorsed by the Mayor as an important standard for consumer protection. The key benefits to leaseholders include:

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