Trudy B owns a flat in London. She also owns the freehold, having got advice from LEASE regarding the Right of First Refusal back in 2007. Since then she has received advice on a few issues, most recently regarding another leaseholder refusing to pay service charges, despite having lost a case at the LVT disputing them.

The LEASE adviser said that since the leaseholder was trying to sell their flat Ms B could refuse to co-operate as a way to encourage the leaseholder to pay.

Ms B commented that LEASE is “professional and so useful on so many levels. I use the website and templates (e.g. for Section 20 Notices) regularly – and it’s so helpful to talk to an advisor about specific problems. I highly recommend them – often more useful than expensive solicitors. The staff are very helpful and very reassuring when you’re really stressed and upset about such important legal issues.”

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