Mr E is a professional managing agent in Doncaster. He contacted LEASE with an enquiry about whether or not his company should consult its leaseholders regarding some urgent work. He was concerned that delay in carrying out the work would upset the leaseholders in the block. The rules for Section 20 consultation specify the need to consult if the work will amount to a charge of over £250 for any flat. In this case the cost of the work would result in a charge of less than £250 for each flat, but one of the leaseholders owned several flats, and that person was therefore due to pay more than £250. Mr E was concerned that because one leaseholder would be paying more than £250 he would need to consult all the leaseholders.

The LEASE adviser assured him that this was not the case – the £250 threshold is per flat, not per person, so Mr E did not need to consult before commissioning these particular works.

Mr E commented that LEASE is “an essential resource for anyone working within the property management industry”.

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