Louise F owns a flat in Bournemouth. The residents’ association is arranging the extension of all the leases in the building, and is working with a solicitor. Ms F contacted LEASE because she felt that she did not have control over this process, and needed some independent advice. The particular issue was that she was being asked to pay a large amount of money as a deposit. Was this really required?

The LEASE adviser told Ms F that the landlord is entitled to ask for a deposit after service of the Section 42 notice. This notice triggers the statutory procedures for acquiring the new lease.

Ms F said, “You provide an excellent service which is really much appreciated. It has allowed me to gain reassurance that the requests I am being asked to fulfil for my lease extension are legal and fair – there is no other way I know to verify this. Many thanks to all your advisers, who work in an efficient, thorough and courteous manner.”

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