Another month and another consultation announced.  The Secretary of State has launched an 8 week consultation seeking to provide a single point of redress ombudsman service to make life easier for leaseholders to address complaints.  A welcome move and everything that can be done to simplify redress should be.

At last the attention of the Ministry is Full Square on leasehold and there is an appetite to see change.  It is incumbent on everyone to participate and make their voice heard.  At the end of the last Labour Government in 2010 there was a working group looking at regulation of managing agents.  That was shelved at the change of Government and the coalition coming in.  8 years later and there is clearly an appetite to deliver and this must be grasped.

The LEASE team are looking at ways to reach out to as many leaseholders as we can and to make sure everyone who needs advice gets what they need.  We are constantly looking at how we can improve all lines of communication, including getting swifter access on the phone lines, responding swiftly to written enquiries.  Most of all we want our website to be as informative and helpful as possible, to give maximum benefit to those accessing it.  We are trying new things as well and we will monitor and review to make sure we improve and move forward in the service delivery.

Two months into the New Year and I wonder just how quickly and how far we can see the Government go to bring fairness to all in leasehold.

LEASE is governed by a board, appointed as individuals by the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.