New advice line

A new service is now available. Lawyers, managing agents and other professionals working in the sector will access LEASE advice through an online booking system. No more waiting on hold – select your slot, call the number provided and get the advice you need. Written advice is also available.

A 20 minute slot will cost just £45 (plus VAT). A 40 minute slot for advice in writing is £90 (plus VAT).

Are you a professional with an issue that you’d like to discuss with a LEASE adviser?

Click here to book your first appointment

The revenue from this new service will, as always, be going to support our free service for leaseholders.




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No notes to the invitation notice means no Right to Manage claim notice

Leaseholders of flats in mainly residential buildings are entitled to take over the management of the ...More

(News story added: 2 March 2016)

Leaseholder survey - early results show poor communication is biggest threat

A healthy future for the UK’s expanding leasehold property sector is at serious risk from a breakdown ...More

(News story added: 25 February 2016)

LEASE's 14th annual conference another success!

The 2nd February saw LEASE hold its 14th Annual Conference; and with the Etc. Conference centre in Aldersgate ...More

(News story added: 4 February 2016)

Shared Ownership-relaxing the criteria from April 2016

Under the shared ownership scheme people are permitted to part buy and part rent their home. The Government ...More

(News story added: 19 January 2016)

UK’s 4.1m leaseholders urged to have their say in national survey

The UK’s first ever independent national survey of the country’s 4.1 million leaseholders, a ground-breaking ...More

(News story added: 11 January 2016)

MOJ publishes government's response to the consultation on proposals to increase court and tribunal fees

In August 2015 the government published consultation on further fee proposals for divorce proceedings, ...More

(News story added: 18 December 2015)

New advice line for leasehold professionals

A new service for leasehold professionals is now available. Lawyers, managing agents and other professionals ...More

(News story added: 9 December 2015)

Law Commission consults on “event fees” proposals

The Law Commission has launched a consultation on its proposals regarding "event fees". In a paper entitled ...More

(News story added: 10 November 2015)

Rentcharges Act 1977: A technical discussion paper

The Government has issued a technical discussion paper today. This paper seeks comment on three principal ...More

(News story added: 21 October 2015)

Housing and Planning Bill

On Tuesday 13 October the Housing and Planning Bill (PDF) received its first reading in the House of ...More

(News story added: 16 October 2015)

New leasehold information forms

In response to recommendations made by the Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) December 2014 report ...More

(News story added: 2 October 2015)

Tribunal Decisions upgrade

The Tribunal Decisions section of the LEASE website has been upgraded with an improved search facility, ...More

(News story added: 8 September 2015)

Things to know before you buy a flat!

Things to know before you buy a flat (one page advice guide) - PDF - Cymraeg (Welsh language version) Thinking ...More

(News story added: 2 September 2015)

New Right to Buy form (England only)

A new form to be used by tenants wishing to exercise their Right to Buy their local authority home has ...More

(News story added: 17 August 2015)

MOJ tribunal and court fees proposal consultation

The Ministry of Justice has published a consultation paper on a number of new fee proposals. This follows ...More

(News story added: 4 August 2015)

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision re notification of an appeal

The Upper Tribunal (UT) ruled recently in the case of Katherine Emma O’Kane v Charles Simpson Organisation ...More

(News story added: 23 July 2015)

Job vacancies at The Leasehold Advisory Service

Marketing Manager Job vacancy for an experienced marketing manager to devise and implement marketing ...More

(News story added: 10 July 2015)

Job vacancy - Marketing Manager

Job vacancy for an experienced marketing manager to devise and implement marketing strategies to attract ...More

(News story added: 10 July 2015)

Job vacancy - Advice Team Leader

The Leasehold Advisory Service is recruiting to a temporary post of Advice Team Leader. LEASE responds ...More

(News story added: 10 July 2015)

Change in right to buy discount Wales

From 14 July 2015 in Wales only, the maximum discount for a council or housing association tenant to ...More

(News story added: 8 July 2015)

Corrigendum to Health and Safety article

Corrigendum to article on Health and Safety in Buildings containing flats dated May 2015. Please note ...More

(News story added: 2 July 2015)

Supreme Court rules in Arnold v Britton

Arnold v Britton concerned the service charge provisions in the leases of 25 holiday chalets on a site ...More

(News story added: 10 June 2015)

Change to Right to Buy provisions

The government’s right to buy programme allows many council tenants to buy their home at a discount. ...More

(News story added: 28 May 2015)

Government response to Competition and Market Authority report on residential property management

The Housing Minister has responded on behalf of DCLG and the Ministry of Justice to CMA’s five key remedies ...More

(News story added: 27 March 2015)

Court of Appeal - a single RTM company cannot exercise the right for more than one premises

On 27 March 2015, the Court of Appeal overturned a finding of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) and ...More

(News story added: 27 March 2015)

Government publishes discussion papers on recognising tenants associations and promoting redress schemes

Recognising Tenants Associations A tenants' association is a group of tenants (normally leaseholders) ...More

(News story added: 27 March 2015)

Temporary change to telephone service

From Monday 30 March until 8 May LEASE phone lines will temporarily be available only during the period ...More

(News story added: 25 March 2015)

LEASE is recruiting

The Leasehold Advisory Service is recruiting for a Senior Advisor. The successful candidate will be a ...More

(News story added: 24 March 2015)

Key to the door for LEASE!

The Leasehold Advisory Service this year celebrates its 21st birthday, having helped millions of people ...More

(News story added: 20 March 2015)

Board appointment

LEASE Chair Roger Southam is delighted to announce that Geneviève Mariner has had her tenure as board ...More

(News story added: 6 February 2015)

LEASE's 21st anniversary sees highly successful conference held for professionals and leaseholders

On LEASE's 21st anniversary more than 500 delegates attended the day and evening conferences held at ...More

(News story added: 5 February 2015)

Wales - White Paper on future of Right to Buy

The Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty has published a White Paper on the future of the Right ...More

(News story added: 22 January 2015)

Recognising a tenants' association – what should the proper approach of the tribunal be?

A recent Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision addressed the question of the criteria to be considered ...More

(News story added: 20 January 2015)

Free leaseholder event at the LEASE Conference

LEASE are holding a free evening event exclusively for leaseholders on 4 February 2015. This conference ...More

(News story added: 9 January 2015)

LEASE is recruiting!

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is recruiting! Join the government funded body providing legal ...More

(News story added: 31 December 2014)

Welsh Assembly changes benefiting leaseholders now in force

Leaseholders in Wales exercising either collective enfranchisement or a lease extension no longer need ...More

(News story added: 16 December 2014)

New LEASE Chair appointed

LEASE's chief executive, Anthony Essien, is pleased to announce that the Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis ...More

(News story added: 15 December 2014)

Competition and Markets Authority study of residential property management

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published today its study of the residential property ...More

(News story added: 2 December 2014)

Understanding your lease – quiz and advice guide

Every day we help people understand their leases. We want to help more people, and in a convenient way, ...More

(News story added: 28 November 2014)

Court of Appeal decision

The Court of Appeal has today handed down its judgment in the case of Francis and another v Phillips ...More

(News story added: 31 October 2014)

The future of procuring for major works and consulting with leaseholders - judgment due Friday

On 31 October at 10:30 am the Court of Appeal will be handing down judgment in the most important case ...More

(News story added: 27 October 2014)

Land Registry practice changes - dealing with restrictions

Practice changes are being implemented by the Land Registry on 20 October 2014, to resolve potential ...More

(News story added: 20 October 2014)

Redress schemes relating to letting agencies and property management now law

On 1st October 2014 new regulations came into effect requiring anyone who carries out letting agency ...More

(News story added: 2 October 2014)

Development meeting for LEASE Stakeholder Forum

LEASE is holding a development meeting for its Stakeholder Forum on Thursday 9 October from 2.00pm to ...More

(News story added: 1 October 2014)

LEASE Conference on 4 February 2015 - Book now!

NEW DATE FOR LEASE Annual Conference 2015! BOOK NOW! We are delighted to announce the 2015 LEASE Annual ...More

(News story added: 19 September 2014)

Invitation to tender for external audit services

The Leasehold Advisory Service has issued an invitation to tender for external audit services. Interested ...More

(News story added: 19 September 2014)

LEASE Non-Executive Chair Vacancy

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), staffed mainly ...More

(News story added: 8 September 2014)

LEASE Board Member Vacancy

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), staffed mainly ...More

(News story added: 8 September 2014)

Service charge limit for leaseholders of social landlords

New mandatory and discretionary reduction of service charges directions for social landlords came into ...More

(News story added: 20 August 2014)

DCLG now estimates 4.1 million leasehold dwellings in England in 2012-13

The Department for Communities and Local Government has developed a new methodology for estimating the ...More

(News story added: 15 August 2014)

New cap for council house repairs comes into force

Government announces new law which caps the amount councils can charge leaseholder for repairs to their ...More

(News story added: 12 August 2014)

CMA publishes update on property management market study

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has published an update on its study of the residential ...More

(News story added: 8 August 2014)

LEASE did more for customers in 2013-14

LEASE’s annual report for 2013-14 is now available. Our chair has thanked all the staff and ...More

(News story added: 23 July 2014)

Welsh Assembly passes changes benefiting leaseholders

On 8 July the Welsh Assembly passed an amendment to the Housing (Wales) Bill submitted by the Welsh Government. ...More

(News story added: 16 July 2014)

LEASE and ALEP increase help for leaseholders

LEASE is pleased to announce the addition of 7 new firms volunteering to provide out of hours advice ...More

(News story added: 4 July 2014)

Final steps in redress schemes for leaseholders

The government has now commenced the final legislative process to bring into full operation the redress ...More

(News story added: 26 June 2014)

LEASE has moved

Effective Wednesday 2 July LEASE‘s new address is Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London, ...More

(News story added: 26 June 2014)

LEASE goes to customers' doors

LEASE's chair Deep Sagar reminds everyone that "LEASE is happy to go where leaseholders are, ...More

(News story added: 16 May 2014)

Appeal in Philips v Francis adjourned to October 2014

The appeal in Philips v Francis was due to be heard by the Court of Appeal on 14-15 May 2014. It has ...More

(News story added: 14 May 2014)

Leaseholders in England no longer required to sign notices personally when exercising rights under the 1993 Act

The Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 came into force on 14 May 2014. It is no longer a ...More

(News story added: 14 May 2014)

Minister approves redress schemes for leaseholders

The Housing Minister Kris Hopkins has announced that three consumer redress schemes have been approved ...More

(News story added: 17 April 2014)

Mobile Homes Act 2013 - New sections come into force 1 April 2014

Local Authority fees New regulations come into force on 1 April allowing local authorities to charge ...More

(News story added: 1 April 2014)

LEASE helps Welsh leaseholders with free evening advice and workshop session

On Wednesday 19 March LEASE held an evening workshop for leaseholders and others in Cardiff supported ...More

(News story added: 28 March 2014)

Leaseholders in England no longer required to sign notices personally when exercising rights under the 1993 Act

The Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 came into force on 14 May 2014. It is no longer a ...More

(News story added: 19 March 2014)

OFT launches market study of residential property management services

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched its market study of residential property management service ...More

(News story added: 5 March 2014)

Court of Appeal decides Di Marco v Morshead Mansions

On 12 February 2014 the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the case of Di Marco v Morshead Mansions ...More

(News story added: 18 February 2014)

LEASE Conference 2014 - 3 April - Pre-agenda rate discount available

Now in its 12th year, the LEASE Annual Conference offers delegates from across the industry information, ...More

(News story added: 12 February 2014)

LEASE response to proposed scope of OFT market study

LEASE is pleased to publish its response to the Office of Fair Trading's proposals on the scope of ...More

(News story added: 24 January 2014)

Right to Buy discounts for tenants to be increased again in 2014

The Government has announced that it will take further steps to reinvigorate the Right to Buy with the ...More

(News story added: 7 January 2014)

Section 20 Consultation and public sector contracts – the thresholds are changing on 1 January 2016

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and the Service Charges (Consultation Requirements) (England) ...More

(News story added: 20 December 2013)

OFT market study into residential property management

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has announced its intention to conduct a market study into residential ...More

(News story added: 4 December 2013)

Phillips v Francis - permission to appeal granted

On 18 November 2013 the Court of Appeal ruled in the case of Phillips v Francis and ordered that the ...More

(News story added: 19 November 2013)

MP praises LEASE’s service

Sir Peter Bottomley MP has said, “I pay tribute to LEASE and its staff, I've seen the good ...More

(News story added: 14 November 2013)

Consultation on Protecting Local Authority Leaseholders from Unreasonable Charges

The Government has launched a consultation on its proposals to update both the Social Landlords Mandatory ...More

(News story added: 18 October 2013)

FPRA Annual Conference 12 November

LEASE advisers will be attending the Federation of Private Residents' Associations Annual Conference ...More

(News story added: 18 September 2013)

Government consultation on site rules for park homes

The Government has published its summary of proposals and discussion paper on site rules. Responses ...More

(News story added: 16 September 2013)

LEASE’s annual report for 2013 online

LEASE’s annual report and accounts for 2012-13 are now available. Our chair says, "LEASE ...More

(News story added: 28 August 2013)

The First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

From 1 July 2013, the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal ("LVT") becomes part of the First-tier Tribunal ...More

(News story added: 14 June 2013)

Property Chamber - getting ready for 1 July, changes to forms and notices

On 1 July 2013 the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) will replace a number of bodies including the ...More

(News story added: 12 June 2013)

New advice service for park homes

4 June 2013 LEASE now provides advice to those living in park homes (or mobile homes). It is also ...More

(News story added: 5 June 2013)

LEASE Conference 2013

Almost 600 professionals and leaseholders attended this year’s annual conference, led through both ...More

(News story added: 22 May 2013)

When are service charge costs incurred? Court of Appeal decision in OM Property Management v Burr

On 3rd May 2013 the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in “OM Property Management Limited ...More

(News story added: 7 May 2013)

2012-13 Performance summary

LEASE has had a very busy year. The headline figures show more than half a million unique users of the ...More

(News story added: 23 April 2013)

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill - implications for managing agents

The ERR Act 2013 became law on 25 April. On Monday 15 April the government laid an amendment to the ...More

(News story added: 17 April 2013)

Podcast - Lease Extension

The podcast for April is a conversation with Mark Wilson, a Chartered Valuation Surveyor and Managing ...More

(News story added: 16 April 2013)

Changes to Right to Manage Model Articles

On 28th February 2013 the Mental Health (Discrimination) (No. 2) Act was passed by Parliament. The ...More

(News story added: 27 March 2013)

Podcast - Service Charges

The podcast for March is a conversation with Stephanie Smith, a barrister at Arden Chambers. Stephanie ...More

(News story added: 14 March 2013)

Supreme Court judgment - Daejan v Benson

The Supreme Court has today handed down judgment in the case of Daejan Investments Limited v Benson and ...More

(News story added: 6 March 2013)

Phillips and Goddard v Francis - New article

LEASE senior adviser Nicholas Kissen has written a new article on this case. Statutory consultation ...More

(News story added: 26 February 2013)

Podcast - Mediation

February's podcast is a conversation with Lavinia Shaw-Brown, project manager of Lawworks Mediation. ...More

(News story added: 22 February 2013)

LEASE Conference 2013 - Book now for early bird discount

LEASE Annual Conference, 21st May 2012 CHAIR: Damian Greenish, Chairman of Pemberton Greenish LLP Location: ...More

(News story added: 12 February 2013)

LEASE Online Shop

LEASE is pleased to announce the opening of our new online shop. You can now quickly access information ...More

(News story added: 22 January 2013)

LEASE adviser starts in Wales

We are pleased to announce that LEASE now has an adviser based in Wales, funded by the Welsh Government. ...More

(News story added: 11 January 2013)

New section - Top Issues at LVT

LEASE is pleased to announce more online help for our customers through the addition of a new section ...More

(News story added: 9 January 2013)

Houses advice guide updated

Since 1967 leaseholders of houses have been able to buy the freehold subject to meeting certain conditions. ...More

(News story added: 20 December 2012)

New podcast - Becoming a director of a Resident Management Company

December's podcast is a conversation with Alan Walker, who is a leaseholder and for more than ten ...More

(News story added: 19 December 2012)

Retirement homes – exit and transfer fees update

Since 2009 the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has been conducting an investigation into the exit/transfer ...More

(News story added: 26 November 2012)

Gala Unity Ltd v Ariadne Road RTM Co Ltd – New article

LEASE senior adviser Nicholas Kissen has written a new article on this Court of Appeal case. The application ...More

(News story added: 21 November 2012)

Podcast - Buildings Insurance

LEASE is delighted to introduce our first podcast aimed at helping leaseholders and others better understand ...More

(News story added: 12 November 2012)

New LEASE guide on Right to Buy

Are you a council tenant wishing to become an owner? The maximum discount on exercising the Right ...More

(News story added: 8 November 2012)

Extent of the LVT's power to direct itself

There have been two new cases in the Upper Tribunal about the powers the LVT has to self-direct itself ...More

(News story added: 29 October 2012)

Taking responsibility - shared facilities and the exercise of Right to Manage

On 23 October the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the case of Gala Unity Limited v Ariadne Road ...More

(News story added: 25 October 2012)

LEASE on Location - Roundup

LEASE has been busy finding ways to reach our customers near where they live. Since April, LEASE has ...More

(News story added: 19 October 2012)

LEASE to do more for consumers in Wales

We are pleased to announce that from 1/1/2013 a LEASE adviser will work from a location in Wales. This ...More

(News story added: 12 October 2012)

Tread carefully before signing an agreement

A qualifying long term agreement (QLTA) "means ... an agreement entered into, by or on behalf of ...More

(News story added: 12 October 2012)

FPRA Annual Conference

LEASE advisers will be attending the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Annual Conference ...More

(News story added: 11 October 2012)

Definition of a house

The Supreme Court recently ruled on two appeals that turned on the definition of a house reasonably so ...More

(News story added: 11 October 2012)

LEASE Annual Report and Accounts

We are pleased to announce that LEASE’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2011-12 has now been published. ...More

(News story added: 19 July 2012)

Court of Appeal allows Dolphin Square leaseholders another chance to buy their freehold

On 18th May 2012 the Court of Appeal handed down the judgment in the case of “Westbrook Dolphin ...More

(News story added: 25 May 2012)

Right to Manage - mortgagee can serve a counter-notice

By a decision dated 7th March 2012 the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) in the case of “Alleyn Court ...More

(News story added: 21 May 2012)

Internet use or marketing associates

If you have recent practical achievements in internet use or marketing, you could be part of a panel ...More

(News story added: 21 May 2012)

Decision on service address for landlords

An interesting decision has just been handed down by the Upper Tribunal in Beitov Properties Ltd v Elliston ...More

(News story added: 16 May 2012)

Court of Appeal rules on what is a house

By a judgment handed down on 4th May 2012 the Court of Appeal decided that a purpose-built block of flats ...More

(News story added: 15 May 2012)

LEASE Outreach

LEASE advisers attended a number of Outreach events in the last quarter including those organised by ...More

(News story added: 23 April 2012)

News from LEASE on Twitter and Facebook

You can now get the latest updates from LEASE in your Twitter or Facebook news feed. Keep up to ...More

(News story added: 23 April 2012)

Reinvigorating Right to Buy in England

The government has announced the launch of a reinvigorated Right to Buy policy. Introduced in 1980 the ...More

(News story added: 12 March 2012)

Booking opens for LEASE Conference 2012

LEASE Annual Conference 2012 Leasehold today, Managing, Valuing and Selling - Tuesday 15th May The ...More

(News story added: 5 March 2012)

London Assembly report on service charges

The Greater London Assembly’s Housing and Planning Committee has launched a report on service charges ...More

(News story added: 1 March 2012)

Recovering costs via service charges

On 26th January 2012 the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) in delivering its decision in “OM Property ...More

(News story added: 24 February 2012)

New page on differences in leasehold law in Wales

A new page has been added to the LEASE website dedicated to highlighting the differences in residential ...More

(News story added: 2 February 2012)

LEASE Open Day, Cardiff

On 28th January LEASE and Shelter Cymru held an Open Day in Cardiff at the Park Plaza Hotel. Shabnam ...More

(News story added: 2 February 2012)

Going to the LVT - can we recover our legal costs?

On 15th December 2011 the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) handed down its decision in the case of Plantation ...More

(News story added: 24 January 2012)

Section 20 Dispensation – should the LVT consider prejudice suffered?

By a decision dated 12th December 2011 HHJ Mole QC sitting at the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) in the ...More

(News story added: 18 January 2012)

Chair re-appointed

LEASE is pleased to announce that the Housing Minister, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, has re-appointed ...More

(News story added: 30 December 2011)

Reinvigorating the Right to Buy and one for one replacement: Consultation

The Government has published a Consultation Paper containing proposals to increase the cap on Right to ...More

(News story added: 23 December 2011)

Forfeiture for service charge arrears - is a default judgment enough?

By a judgment dated 22nd September 2011 HHJ Dight sitting at Central London County Court in the case ...More

(News story added: 16 December 2011)

LEASE on Location – Bideford, North Devon

LEASE adviser Nicholas Kissen met leaseholders of the Horizon View Residents Association on Saturday ...More

(News story added: 12 December 2011)

Lease on Location - Mitcham

LEASE advisers Thomas Frith and Chris Humphreys provided advice to the constituents of Siobhain McDonagh ...More

(News story added: 24 November 2011)

Lease on Location – Association of Retirement Housing Managers (ARHM)

LEASE adviser Joy Akah-Douglas has represented LEASE at several recent ARHM conferences in Leeds, Taunton ...More

(News story added: 24 November 2011)

Lease on Location – Derby

Shabnam Ali-Khan attended a leaseholder forum event in Derby organised with Derwent Living on Saturday ...More

(News story added: 24 November 2011)

Lease on Location - Kent

Thomas Frith and Fenella Maddan attended a meeting of leaseholders In Ramsgate on Saturday 19 November ...More

(News story added: 24 November 2011)

Recovering legal costs via service charges

In the case of “Greening v Castlenau Mansions Limited” the Upper Tribunal had to decide whether ...More

(News story added: 7 November 2011)

Lease on Location - Hampstead and Kilburn

On 3rd November LEASE advisers Nicholas Kissen, Shabnam Ali-Khan and Naomi Raymond took part in a leaseholders' ...More

(News story added: 4 November 2011)

Section 20 consultation in the public sector - granting dispensation when the OJEU advert is issued before the notice

The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) (“the Tribunal”) has handed down its decision in the case ...More

(News story added: 27 October 2011)

LEASE on Location – South East London

LEASE adviser Fenella Maddan attended a meeting of Courtlands Residents Association on 5th October 2011. The ...More

(News story added: 14 October 2011)

The Upper Tribunal considers Right to Manage

Leaseholder of flats intending to exercise Right to Manage should be extra careful when drafting the ...More

(News story added: 14 October 2011)

New advice guide -

The purpose of this advice note is to provide a brief overview of shared ownership lease for owners/purchasers ...More

(News story added: 23 September 2011)

The Upper Tribunal considers summaries of rights and obligations – service charges

Since 1st October 2007 (30th November in Wales) a demand for service charges must be accompanied by a ...More

(News story added: 2 September 2011)

Recent cases on service charge accounts and recovery of costs

There have been two recent cases in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) which should be of particular ...More

(News story added: 2 September 2011)

LEASE on Location - Walthamstow

LEASE advisers Nicholas Kissen, Shabnam Ali-Khan and Naomi Raymond led a leaseholder residents' rights ...More

(News story added: 10 August 2011)

London Assembly reviews service charges

The London Assembly’s Housing and Planning Committee has launched a review of service charges in ...More

(News story added: 1 August 2011)

Recovering service charges - getting it right and on time

Following the High Court decision re London Borough of Brent v Shulem B Association Limited, landlords ...More

(News story added: 1 August 2011)

Upper Tribunal upholds leaseholders' appeal on service charges

On 7th July 2011 the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) upheld an appeal by the leaseholders of three flats ...More

(News story added: 27 July 2011)

Re-appointment of three Board Members to LEASE

LEASE is pleased to announce that the Housing Minister, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, has approved the ...More

(News story added: 14 July 2011)

Leave to appeal granted in Daejan v Benson

Daejan Investments Limited have been granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. On 28th January 2011 ...More

(News story added: 6 July 2011)

Recent Lands Tribunal decision - Southall Court (Residents) Limited v. Tiwari

This decision involves a block of 48 flats. Upon the landlord’s application for a ruling that £2053.43 ...More

(News story added: 4 July 2011)

RPTS Transferring To HM Courts & Tribunals Service

RPTS’s sponsors in the Department of Communities & Local Government have agreed with the Ministry ...More

(News story added: 23 June 2011)

LEASE on Location - Barnsley

LEASE adviser Fenella Maddan was invited to speak to a meeting of the Barnsley Federation of Tenants ...More

(News story added: 21 June 2011)

LEASE on Location - Lambeth

LEASE adviser Joy Akah-Douglas was invited to give a talk at a National Landlord’s Association ...More

(News story added: 21 June 2011)

Updating leasehold value limits: Consultation

The Government has published a Consultation Paper containing proposals for updating the property ...More

(News story added: 14 June 2011)

LEASE on Location - High Wycombe

Christopher Last attended the High Wycombe branch meeting of the National Landlord’s Association ...More

(News story added: 13 June 2011)

LEASE on Location - Liverpool

Thomas Frith represented LEASE at the Liverpool Leaseholder 4th Annual Conference held Saturday 21 May ...More

(News story added: 27 May 2011)

LEASE Training - Lewisham Homes

LEASE advisers Christopher Last and Naomi Raymond conducted an all day training session at Lewisham Homes ...More

(News story added: 27 May 2011)

LEASE Conference 2011

LEASE’s annual conference ‘Selling Leasehold’ was held on Thursday 12th May at the ...More

(News story added: 24 May 2011)

LEASE on Location – Aldershot

LEASE adviser Nicholas Kissen gave a talk to the Residents Association Forum of the Retirement Leasehold ...More

(News story added: 23 May 2011)

Change to Ground rent notice

Notices for ground rent are required to follow the requirements of Section 166 of the Commonhold and ...More

(News story added: 17 May 2011)

LEASE on Location - Lewisham

LEASE advisers Shabnam Ali-Khan and Dona Awano attended the leaseholders’ event arranged by Phoenix ...More

(News story added: 4 May 2011)

LEASE on Location - Islington

Thomas Frith and Chris Humphreys, legal advisers from LEASE, provided advice to members of the Islington ...More

(News story added: 4 May 2011)

Common Parts of Blocks of Flats - New Guidance on Electrical Safety

The Electrical Safety Council has produced a guide to electrical safety in communal areas of buildings. ...More

(News story added: 18 April 2011)

LEASE on Location - Melton Mowbray

Fenella Maddan and Christopher Last, legal advisers from LEASE, were invited to the East Midlands Tenant ...More

(News story added: 15 April 2011)

LEASE on Location - Hereford

LEASE adviser Christopher Last attended a meeting of the Frome Court Residents’ Association in ...More

(News story added: 4 April 2011)

LEASE on Location - Southport

At the invitation of the local Member of Parliament LEASE advisers Nicholas Kissen and Thomas Frith met ...More

(News story added: 21 March 2011)

LEASE on Location - Ealing

LEASE advisers Nicholas Kissen and Thomas Frith attended the second Leaseholders Conference held by Ealing ...More

(News story added: 21 March 2011)

Court of Appeal decision - Craftrule v Albert Place Mansions

On 24th February 2011 the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in Craftrule Limited v.41-60 Albert Place ...More

(News story added: 28 February 2011)

LEASE on Location - St Albans

LEASE legal adviser Christopher Last attended a leaseholder’s meeting with St Albans City & ...More

(News story added: 28 February 2011)

LEASE on Location - Newport, Wales

LEASE advisers Nicholas Kissen, Thomas Frith and Christopher Last were invited to the Leaseholders Conference ...More

(News story added: 23 February 2011)

Landmark Court of Appeal decision - Daejan v Benson

On 28th January 2011 the Court of Appeal delivered judgment in Daejan Investments Ltd v Benson and others. In ...More

(News story added: 28 January 2011)

Notable recent appeal decisions

The Earl Cadogan v Panagopoulos [2010] EWCA Civ 1259 Court of Appeal A new lease was granted to ...More

(News story added: 13 January 2011)

LEASE Mediation Service closed

LEASE has decided regretfully to stop offering mediation as a service effective 17th January 2011. LEASE ...More

(News story added: 13 January 2011)

LEASE on Location - in Cambridge

LEASE adviser Nicholas Kissen was guest speaker at the Cambridge City Council Leaseholder Consultation ...More

(News story added: 11 January 2011)

New rules to apply to existing Right to Manage Companies

From 30th September 2010 the new model articles of association will automatically apply to all RTM companies ...More

(News story added: 1 October 2010)

LEASE on Location - at the LVT

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) will from 21 September 2010 provide a morning duty scheme at the ...More

(News story added: 9 September 2010)

New rules on flat owners' Right to Manage companies take effect

Companies being formed to enable leaseholders to take over the management of their block of flats (RTM ...More

(News story added: 15 October 2009)